Nursing Home

Nursing Home (Photo credit: LOLren)

According to a 2009 US Department of Health & Human Services report, in 2004 an estimated 1.5 million people received care in nursing homes. Of those, 88% were age 65 or older and 71% were woman.

Aging as a male in the US must have some unique challenges. Chances are you are surrounded by woman as your peers and are assisted by woman employees if you reside in a facility. With all these women, there are (with good reason) a number of group activities geared to appeal to woman like manicures. That’s not to say a man can’t enjoy a manicure. Some do! But, the conversations that occurs during it may be different.

Translate these numbers into most of my groups in assisted living and you’ll find participants are mostly women. The men in attendance may be few, but they still deserve their recognition. With Father’s Day around the corner, let’s hear it for the men!

Last year I shared a list of 11 songs about men in Men in Song. This year I wanted to share a few more songs about men. Most are ones boomers night recognize. They would serve as a great conversation starter on types of fathers and types of men.


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What are your favorite ways to include men in your groups?